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  • US dreams of looting never to be realized

    Saying that the US dreams of looting will never be realized, Tehran Provisional Friday prayers leader said that all sanctions must be removed permanently and Tehran will not accept the suspension of sanctions.

  • People of Tehran hold rallies in support of Yemenis

    After holding Friday prayers, the people of Tehran held a rally in support of Yemen, condemning the inhumane acts of the Saudi-led coalition against the oppressed people of this country.

  • Iran calls for UN's immediate action to halt killing of defenseless Yemenis

    A senior advisor of Iran’s foreign minister, in a message to special representative of the UN secretary general for Yemen Peter Grünberg, condemned killing of Yemeni defenseless people and massive bombardment of cities, civilian places and the country’s infrastructure by Saudi-led coalition.

  • Iran calls on occupiers to leave Syria with no precondition

    The Ambassador and Permanent Representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the United Nations has stressed that Syria crisis has no military solution and occupiers must leave Syrian soil without preconditions.